connection management call elapsed time in AWR report

In AWR report, under time model statistics section, there are lot of statistics ordered based on time(seconds) in the descending order

In some scenarios, “connection management call elapsed time” is one of the statistic which can be seen on top of the section with significant consumption of total DB time

To briefly describe this section, application connects to the database, parses the SQL and disconnects without executing the SQL

Application needs to be investigated for connection pooling options to optimize the session connection

Scenario 1:

In this case, the number of child cursors will be quite high for SQL with zero executions

version count is very high and executions will be zero

parse CPU to parse elapsed % will also have a bad value

In addm section, similar recommendation can be seen

Finding 1: Session Connect and Disconnect
Impact is 180.7 active sessions, 94.4% of total activity.
Session connect and disconnect calls were consuming significant database time.
   Recommendation 1: Application Analysis
   Estimated benefit is 180.7 active sessions, 94.4% of total activity.
      Investigate application logic for possible reduction of connect and 
      disconnect calls. For example, you might use a connection pool scheme in 
      the middle tier.

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