User id of oracle on node 1 mismatch with node 2.

I tried to add id 500 for oracle user on both nodes.I find 500 userid on node 1 and 501 userid on node 2!!

[oracle@RACFLEX1 grid]$ id oracle
uid=500(oracle) gid=500(oinstall) groups=500(oinstall),501(dba),502(asmadmin),503(asmdba),504(asmoper)

[root@RACFLEX2 oracle]# id oracle
uid=501(oracle) gid=500(oinstall) groups=500(oinstall),501(dba),502(asmadmin),503(asmdba),504(asmoper)

I try to modify the id on node 2 as 500 but couldnot do that.

[root@RACFLEX2 oracle]# usermod -u 500 -g oinstall -G dba,asmdba,asmadmin,asmoper oracle                                                                                                             
usermod: UID '500' already exists
[root@RACFLEX2 oracle]# userdel oracle
userdel: user oracle is currently used by process 4626
[root@RACFLEX2 oracle]# kill -9 4626

Some other user is using the same id .I have to figure out which user?

[root@RACFLEX2 ~]# cat /etc/passwd|grep 500 

I check password file and found out grid user using the same id.But i dont want the grid user anymore.So i deleted grid user and readd oracle user with id 500

[root@RACFLEX2 ~]# userdel grid
[root@RACFLEX2 ~]# usermod -u 500 -g oinstall -G dba,asmdba,asmadmin,asmoper ora                                                                                                             cle
[root@RACFLEX2 ~]# id oracle
uid=500(oracle) gid=500(oinstall) groups=500(oinstall),501(dba),502(asmadmin),50                                                                                                             3(asmdba),504(asmoper)

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