Welcome to emergency mode ! Linux

Emergency mode in linux appear due to corruption in filesystem or incorrect entry in the fstab file

Dont panic, just give the password for root and you will be able to enter the command line

Check if recently any changed happen in the filesystem part

This error can be fixed using fsck.ext4 /directory where ext4 stands for filesystem type

Check /etc/fstab entries if all entries are correct

[root@orcl19x data01]# cat /etc/fstab

# /etc/fstab
# Created by anaconda on Sat Dec 12 21:53:57 2020
# Accessible filesystems, by reference, are maintained under '/dev/disk'
# See man pages fstab(5), findfs(8), mount(8) and/or blkid(8) for more info
UUID=8d318942-c98a-4cb8-821a-393279fb5d5b /                       xfs     defaults        0 0
UUID=392d89ab-da02-4ce2-b070-6c932bca2da4 /apps01                 xfs     defaults        0 0
UUID=85c6edd9-08f6-4253-a727-e3314e8ee13d /data01                 xfs     defaults        0 0
UUID=8a0e41d4-bb17-4526-b6d3-e6d3dc34fa13 swap                    swap    defaults        0 0
UUID=e158bdb3-4bd5-44ca-aec5-0652ff147953 /u01                    ext4     defaults        0 0

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