Download swingbench from the link

Copy the file using winscp to linux from windows

Unzip the file

[oracle@dc01x01 ~]$ unzip

Locate to the swingbench directory

[oracle@dc01x01 ~]$ cd swingbench/
[oracle@dc01x01 swingbench]$ ls
bin      launcher  log         source  utils   wizardconfigs
configs  lib       README.txt  sql     winbin

Invoke oewizard script from the installation bin directory in swingbench

[oracle@dc01x01 swingbench]$ cd bin/
[oracle@dc01x01 bin]$ ./oewizard

Click on next

Check the recommended version of swingbench

Create the OE schema with its metadata objects

Give the connection details of the database and their credentials

Enter the owner of the tables and indexes to be created on the database

Choose different options you would like to eg : (partition,compression,tablespace size, indexes used) etc

Select the size details of the data objects to be generated

Choose parallel degree

Monitor the logs for the schema and table creation on the database. Wait for data generation to complete

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