ORA-38701: Flashback database log 1 seq 1 thread 1:

ORA-38701: Flashback database log 1 seq 1 thread 1:


I accidentally deleted the flashback files for housekeeping activity in my test system and ended up with the below error

SQL> startup force;
ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 1553305600 bytes
Fixed Size                  2253544 bytes
Variable Size             956304664 bytes
Database Buffers          587202560 bytes
Redo Buffers                7544832 bytes
Database mounted.
ORA-38760: This database instance failed to turn on flashback database

These are the flashback files which were deleted

-bash-4.2$ cd flashback/
-bash-4.2$ ls
o1_mf_jk5mkqfr_.flb  o1_mf_jktp7jlb_.flb  o1_mf_jmwn5vf8_.flb  o1_mf_jmyor0ls_.flb  o1_mf_jmyy2g2c_.flb
o1_mf_jk5mkvgk_.flb  o1_mf_jmwmgfjj_.flb  o1_mf_jmwndqt9_.flb  o1_mf_jmyoro7d_.flb  o1_mf_jmyy2w5n_.flb
o1_mf_jk75s177_.flb  o1_mf_jmwmnfgg_.flb  o1_mf_jmwnkj26_.flb  o1_mf_jmyy099l_.flb  o1_mf_jmyycoqk_.flb
o1_mf_jk7ythqs_.flb  o1_mf_jmwmnzsf_.flb  o1_mf_jmyojktm_.flb  o1_mf_jmyy0plv_.flb  o1_mf_jmyyd734_.flb
o1_mf_jk86q9rk_.flb  o1_mf_jmwmz8p2_.flb  o1_mf_jmyonx4l_.flb  o1_mf_jmyy16xp_.flb
o1_mf_jk9t7bm4_.flb  o1_mf_jmwmzjwk_.flb  o1_mf_jmyooj78_.flb  o1_mf_jmyy1jtb_.flb
o1_mf_jkbm5vkx_.flb  o1_mf_jmwn0mlw_.flb  o1_mf_jmyoqbyk_.flb  o1_mf_jmyy1ybj_.flb

I removed all the files manually

-bash-4.2$ rm -rf *.flb


This error occur due to inaccessibility of the flashback files on the filesystem by the database.

When i checked the flashback status , it is in restore point only mode

SQL> select flashback_on from v$database;


I was trying to fetch the restore point name to drop it for opening the database

SQL> select * from v$restore_point;
select * from v$restore_point
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-38701: Flashback database log 1 seq 1 thread 1:
ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
Linux-x86_64 Error: 2: No such file or directory
Additional information: 3

You can drop the restore point

SQL> drop restore point a;

Restore point dropped.

Post drop of restore point, database got opened without errors

SQL> alter database open;

Database altered.

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