S.M.A.R.T – Specific ,measurable, achievable, Relevant, Time bound

A good research objective needs to follow good literature review

Organize literature review well

  • Each row consisting of each research paper
  • Each column for several bullet points
  • Research question
  • Characteristics of data
  • Method applied
  • Performance of methods
  • Interpretation of results
  • Gap in existing literature

Research objectives

  • Objective needs to be realistic in terms of required data access, software and computational power
  • Aware of the predictive power in data
  • Methods to extract the power
  • If the data lacks predictive power , there is little you can do to change this
  • It is important to have a fallback position while setting the research objective

Characteristics of good research:

  • Systematic
  • Valid & Verifiable
  • Controlled
  • Rigorous
  • Empirical
  • Critical
  • Contribution

Characterisitics of good research question:

  • Feasible
  • Novel
  • Relevant
  • Ethical
  • Narrow down and interesting

Research proposal:

  • Your name
  • Title : Max 10 words character
  • Summary of proposed research(Max 200 words)Resear
  • Research question (max 350 words)
  • Details of research project(2000 words) – Aim and objective, Work leading up to the project, Data
  • Desired Outcome
  • Risks or Contingency plan
  • Time tables and milestones
  • References

Elements in template cover

  • Research question
  • Resources required
  • Rigour
  • Risk

Things to consider before doing a research

  • Project is ambitious ,so there will be multiple steps to success
  • Each step define a milestone that you need to write down in a proposal
  • In final dissertation, we explain the achieved milestones
  • Explain the mitigation to allow rest of the project to which we continued

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