./dbca: line 135: /data01/product/19.0.0/bin/platform_common: No such file or directory


This error was pretty weird while invoking dbca and i set the path and oracle home directory but still no luck. This error is really a frustating error. If i see the directory mentioned in the error, i dont even have an existing directory in filesystem with /u01. This made me to think an alternative path to edit dbca itself

[oracle@dgprim01 bin]$ ./dbca
./dbca: line 135: /u01/app/19.0.0/grid/bin/platform_common: No such file or directory


Set the correct path and oracle home variables. Open the dbca executable using favourite editor

[oracle@dgprim01 bin]$ export ORACLE_HOME=/app01/grid/
[oracle@dgprim01 bin]$ export PATH=$PATH:/app01/grid/bin/
[oracle@dgprim01 bin]$ vi dbca

Modify the oracle home directory in dbca and save it

[oracle@dgprim01 bin]$ cat dbca |grep -A5 'OH'
# Define ORACLE_HOME -> OH

Cheers it worked !

[oracle@dgprim01 bin]$ ./dbca

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