This post tells about creating compute instance in oracle free tier cloud for practice. Login to the oracle cloud account

Before creation of compute instance vcn(virtual cloud network) should be created with CIDR

VCN is a private cloud network that can be set up in data centers of oracle with firewall rules and gateways specific to single contiguous IPV4 CIDR block and it reside with in a region. It can be set for example range which contains 65535 ip addresses.

Choose compute option from three lines on top left corner near oracle cloud title

Click on instances

Click on compartment

Choose a compartment

Choose the options like AD,FD and shape etc.. Mostly they auto chosen

Next check the resources like CPU,MEMORY,NETWORK BANDWIDTH ..

Save the public and private key pair for ssh purpose

Choose the boot volume from the list of available volumes. By default , transit encryption is chosen

Click on create and you will get a basic compute instance. It will take sometime to launch. You can also click on start.

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