This script is written after we failed to report an approximate progress of restore to customer after a database failure. This challenge inspired me to write this script. I am not a programmer but i used to write scripts for my personal use. So this magic script would give an approximate progress of the database restore and report you in equal intervals with real time statistics of restore on the putty screen. Use it at your own risk because of loops used. Test before you use it and modify the script according to your needs.Hope this script is useful!

Please note that this script is not fully refined at advanced level. Still revised script under construction ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Customer was asking an ETA after database failure

  • Database failed time – 05:00 AM UTC
  • Database restore ETA – ??? (Use the script below)

In my case, i need to restore and recover a 13TB database which is quite big for the restoration and there is a long time for the customer to overthink and scream. Below output is just a test case for a small database.

The script is called RMON which means restore monitor

Sample output of the script which shows realtime statistics of the rman restore

Sample output of the restore after completion !

Follow the below link to get the magic script

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