[INS-30131] – Initial setup required for the execution of installer validation failed’


This error occur during installation of oracle software in 11g versions in windows OS. This might be due to various reasons


1)Check for free space on the drive where the tmp folder is used for installation of oracle software. If there is no free space then change the temp path by setting up environment “set TEMP=D:\tmp”

D:\>echo %TEMP%

D:\>fsutil volume diskFree C:\Users\kisha\AppData\Local\Temp
Total # of free bytes        : 3904835584
Total # of bytes             : 126905290752
Total # of avail free bytes  : 3904835584

2) Check if you have proper permissions on the tmp folder and drive with admin access. Right on the folder and click on properties –> click on administrators –> Check for permissions

Last but not the least, you can ignore OS prereq checks to proceed with installation. This work like charm.

D:\>setup -ignorePrereq -J"-Doracle.install.db.validate.supportedOSCheck=false"

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