Error processing transaction We’re unable to complete your sign up. Common sign up errors are due to: (a) Using prepaid cards. Oracle only accepts credit card and debit cards (b) Intentionally or unintentionally masking one’s location or identity (c) Entering incomplete or inaccurate account details. Please try again if this applies to you. Otherwise, contact Oracle Customer Service .

I was trying to create an oracle free tier account for the first time. But i got this annoying below error repeatedly which wasted my time in verification of credit card

I was wondering if i have any issues with my card but it was working fine without discrepancy

I didnt want to waste my time in sending an email to support and waiting for their response. As i had an urgent requirement to configure the account.

After surfing the net, i came to find out a solution which is simple

Use simple email id to solve this error

My email id was pretty much big something like this

Try a simple email like It works like charm

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