We use dbca to install oracle database

[oracle@orcldg ~]$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin/
[oracle@orcldg bin]$ ./dbca

Click create database

Click advanced mode

Choose general purpose or transaction processing

Give the SID name

Tick OEM checkbox

Click on same admin password and give your password

Click on create new listener and give a listener name and port as 1521 if you dont have any existing listener running

In my case, i have ASM so i choose DATA diskgroup for datafiles and FRA for backups and archivelogs. If you dont have ASM ,then choose filesystem itself. Perform either of the steps below for database files


Skip this step

Choose Automatic memory management(AMM)

Choose AL32UTF8 character set

Click next

You will get summary like this

Installation progress looks like this

Install is complete

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