Go to the link and download developer edition which is free

Select custom option

Choose the drive path on your system and click install

The required packages will be downloaded. Wait for sometime

After download, the sql server will be installed on the system

The home screen looks like this

Choose new SQL server stand alone …. from the first option

Choose specify a free edition

Accept the license

Skip this step and click on next

Ignore the warnings if it is not a production database. If the parameters are failed, then you need to investigate them

Select the instance packages which needs to be installed with database instance

Select default instance for basic installation

Click on next

Select the services that needs to be enabled as manual or automatic depending on your requirement

SQL server agent is used for monitoring and restarting the background services

SQL server database engine is the database itself which stores tables,indexes etc

Select Mixed mode and click on add to add the current user from which you logged in to system and provide the password.

Click accept. Here i chosen python hence this is an extensive step. If you dont need python packages,then dont select the package

Now we are ready to install MSSQL. Click on install

Wait for the installation to complete

Check the final summary of installation which should be marked successfull for the packages

Thats all for SQL server software installation on your system

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