My job was at stake due to performance issue from a financial application database.Client was bleeding money due to report deadline with in financial year.

There should be a quick way to identify the top SQL which eats up the database bit by bit and crash the database. Thats why its always keep a handy query like this often in your script list

The below sql will identify the top sql which burns CPU and have high elapsed time

SQL Query:

col EVENT format a20
col AVERAGE_WAIT format 99999999
col TIME_WAITED format 99999999
column WAIT_CLASS format a15
col sid format 999999
col sql_text format a40
select * from (select se.sid,se.event,se.AVERAGE_WAIT,se.TIME_WAITED,se.WAIT_CLASS,sq.sql_text
from v$session_event se
inner join v$session s on s.sid = se.sid
inner join v$sql sq on sq.sql_id = s.sql_id
where sq.sql_text not like '%select se.sid,se.event,se .AVERAGE_WAIT%'
order by AVERAGE_WAIT desc)
where rownum < 6;

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