OSSIPC:SKGXP:[19a6f4c0.31278]{obj}: SKGXPCNH: 0x19a92400 SKGXPCON_CLOSED (1) sconno 40c549b5 accono 767a0096 admno 555ef0 ospid 6155 ANT


I create diskgroups for RAC node using ASMCA on 11g but the diskgroup fail to create due to timeouts by VKTM background process and it took almost 3 days for the diskgroup

The thing is even after 3 days, ASMCA still spinning the gears and it pretty frustates.

I checked each and every corner of the ASM,ASMCA,database and clusterware logs but still it is like chasing the tail in a loop


Always give appropriate value to kernel parameters which indirectly affects the performance of lot of tasks performed in future

[oracle@exdbadm01 dbs]$ cat /etc/sysctl.conf|grep net.core

Finally diskgroups got created with in fraction of seconds which really shocked .

As i try to create diskgroups by rebuilding the whole clusterware and database setup almost for 10 to 15 times

All the time it took more than 2 days and i could find timeout and connection retry errors repeatedly

Connect retry: sleeping for 2 seconds, connect attempt 3130 out of maximum 7 attempts

There were lot of vktm hang messages continuously without any trace.Atlast after applying the recommended changes from DBESP blog,the issue got resolved and diskgroups created very fast.

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