[INS-40404] The installer has detected a configured instance of Oracle grid infrastructure software on the server.


When installing oracle grid for a server,this error pops up because of improper cleanups of the previous grid software directories and files.I hope i can save your time,by giving you this solution

Cause - You selected to install and configure a new Oracle grid infrastructure installation (Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM). However, only one installation of Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM can be configured on a server at the same time.  

Action - Deconfigure the existing Oracle Grid Infrastructure software before installing and configuring a new instance of Oracle Grid Infrastructure software.


These culprit registry files though it acts as pointer for ASM disks cause this error and disallow you to go forward to the next step!

Take a backup of these files

[root@exdbadm01 oracle]# cp ocr.loc ocr.loc.bkp
[root@exdbadm01 oracle]# cp olr.loc olr.loc.bkp

Then remove ocr.loc and olr.loc files and continue your installation

[root@exdbadm01 etc]# cd /etc/oracle
[root@exdbadm01 etc]# rm -rf ocr.loc
[root@exdbadm01 oracle]# ls
cell      ocr.loc.orig  olr.loc.orig  scls_scr
lastgasp  olr.loc       oprocd        setasmgid
[root@exdbadm01 oracle]# rm -rf olr.loc

Hope it works and save your time 🙂

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