PRCR-1079 : Failed to start resource ora.asm;CRS-5017: The resource action “ora.asm start” encountered the following error:;ORA-56865: Invalid IP address in CELLINIT.ORA;. For details refer to “(:CLSN00107:)” in “/apps01/base/product/11.2.0/grid/log/ exdbadm01/agent/ohasd/oraagent_oracle/oraagent_oracle.log”. (EXADATA)


ASM cant start because of miscommunication between compute and cell nodes

[oracle@exdbadm01 ~]$ oerr ora 56865
56865, 00000, "Invalid IP address in CELLINIT.ORA"
// *Document: YES
// *Cause:   One or more of the specified IP addresses in CELLINIT.ORA is not
//           valid.
// *Action:  Check that all IP addresses in CELLINIT.ORA are valid.


Verify the ipaddress in cellinit.ora file on all cell nodes

[root@exceladm00 celladmin]# cat /opt/oracle/cell11.
#CELL Initialization Parameters

Check if the rds protocols are enabled on the cellnodes

[root@exceladm00 celladmin]# lsmod|grep rds
rds_rdma              106561  0
rds_tcp                48097  0
rds                   155561  260 rds_rdma,rds_tcp
rdma_cm                73429  2 rds_rdma,ib_iser
ib_core               108097  8 rds_rdma,ib_iser,rdma_cm,ib_cm,iw_cm,ib_sa,ib_mad,iw_cxgb3

If not enabled,then start the protocols

[root@exceladm00 celladmin]# /sbin/modprobe rds-tcp
[root@exceladm00 celladmin]# /sbin/modprobe rds_rdma
[root@exceladm00 celladmin]#  modprobe rds

Verify that all the griddisks in cell node are visible from compute node

[root@exdbadm01 oracle]#  /grid/stage/ext/bin/kfod op=disks disk=all
 Disk          Size Path                                     User     Group
   1:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
   2:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
   3:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
   4:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
   5:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
   6:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
   7:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
   8:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
   9:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
  10:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
  11:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>
  12:        976 Mb o/ <unknown> <unknown>

Start the asm

[oracle@exdbadm01 ~]$ . oraenv
ORACLE_SID = [oracle] ? +ASM
The Oracle base has been set to /apps01/base
[oracle@exdbadm01 ~]$ srvctl start asm

Check status of asm

[root@exdbadm01 oracle]# srvctl status asm
ASM is running on exdbadm01

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