Switchover on dataguard

Switchover on dataguard

Switchover is an activity which acts as a role reversal with guaranteed protection to data.

Here primary database acts as a standby and standby database acts as a primary!!

We can perform switchover in situations like maintenance of primary database like patching,migration of a database from one server to another etc..


[oracle@orcl ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba

Check the role of database and log shipping status.

Switchover status should be “To standby” and Database role should be “Primary

Check the redolog status which is “current

On primary check log sequence which are applied on standby

Check the archive destinations if they are valid !!

Create a restore point with guaranteed flashback before switchover to avoid any failures

Issue the following command to commit the primary to switchover to standby

Automatically the instance get down

Then startup database in nomount stage and then mount the database in standby mode

Then enable the MRP on new standby and check the status of switchover status on old primary


Check the status of the log shipping on standby database whether primary and standby log sequence are in sync

Check the database role and switchover status of standby database and issue the following command –> commit to switchover to primary and shutdown the database

Then startup in mount stage and again check the status of the database role and switchover status of standby database.Database role should be primary on the new primary !!

switch the logfile multiple times on new primary (old standby)

Check the status of the log sequence in new standby and new primary !!!

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