Mount and Unmount NFS in Linux

Mount and Unmount NFS in Linux
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NAS(network attached storage) mount point is a remote storage attached to a server.

The system administrator can access and share the files using NFS(network file system) protocol over network.

1)Check the available mount points on your server

~] df -h

2)Check if nfs service is running

~]service nfs status (To start the nfs service – service nfs start)

3)Check the nfs mount points

~]showmount -e a01nfs01

4)Create the directory structure to mount the nfs

~] mkdir /home/oracle/nfs

5)Give permissions to the directory

~] chown -R oracle:oinstall /home/oracle/nfs

6)Mount the nfs

~] mount -t nfs a01nfs01:/st01/orcl1/client/nfs /home/oracle/nfs

7)To permanently mount the nfs mount point,add the nfs entries in fstab

~]vi /etc/fstab

8)Add the following entry

a01nfs01:/st01/orcl1/client/nfs /home/oracle/nfs nfs\ rw,bg,hard,nointr,rsize=100000,wsize=100000,tcp,vers=3,timeo=600,actimeo=0,noatime 0 0

9)After adding the following entry,server should be rebooted in order to take permanent effect

Warning!! don’t blindly run the below command.The server requires downtime.Hence you have to plan before reboot,if the server is in production.

~] shutdown -r now

10)To unmount the nfs

~]umount /home/oracle/nfs

11)To permanently unmount nfs,comment the below entry and save

#a01nfs01:/st01/orcl1/client/nfs /home/oracle/nfs nfs\ rw,bg,hard,nointr,rsize=100000,wsize=100000,tcp,vers=3,timeo=600,actimeo=0,noatime 0 0

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