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Troubleshooting the ssh equivalency issues in Linux:

I try to establish ssh equivalency connection between two servers for oracle user in Linux. I get the below error.



vi /etc/security/access.conf

#All other users should be denied to get access from all sources.

+ : root oracle : ALL

After adding the entry of ‘oracle’ user on the above line in access.conf file,the connection was successful.

[oracle@orcl~]$ ssh orcl1 && ssh orcl

Issue is resolved!!

Tips to resolve the issue:

check /var/log/secure logfile to check for any errors.In my case, I got the below error.

Access denied for user ‘oracle’ from ‘host’

Access denied for user ‘oracle’ by PAM account configuration’

check for /etc/hosts.deny file ,if there are any ipaddresses restricted.

Check if selinux is blocking connections >> should be disabled (setenforce 0)


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